September is Ending, This Halloweenie is Excited


017 (2)Autumn has arrived, bringing relief to the heat wave that caused me misery during the latter part of August and the beginning of September. While the leaves are still for the most part green, color has been creeping into the foliage and splashes of crimson, gold and orange have begun to dot the trees. Lawns are littered with leaves, jewel toned colors on beds of emerald and pumpkins are sprawled in fields, beautiful orange globes ready to be harvested.


October is fast approaching and with it Halloween. I am a Halloweenie, although not quite as extreme as others out there. But I will be blogging frequently in October and the posts will have a decidedly Halloweenie flair. I will be posting reminiscences, short stories and photographs in the next month. I’m big about holidays, but Halloween is probably the one I relish the most, well, maybe it’s tied with Christmas. There is just a certain kind of magic this time of year and there isn’t anything quite as exciting as seeing the displays in stores and the decorations in people’s yards. Not to mention all the candy so readily abundant.


So goodbye September, I’ll see you next year. And hello, October, I have been waiting for your return.


Melissa Osburn (Loyal Halloweenie)

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  1. Love your Halloweenie post! This is my favorite time of year, too. We’re already seeing a lot of fall colors in the maples around here. This fellow Halloweenie very much looks forward to reading all your upcoming posts about the holiday!

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