BAD FICTION #2: A Wolf in Gentleman’s clothing // Melissa Osburn


This is my entry in Zizek Press’s Bad Fiction Competition.


This is the first piece of bad fiction we’re putting up as part of our contest [not including that Icy Lake thing, that was done by us as an example]

It was written by Melissa Osburn, it’s about a werewolf, and it’s mostly shit.

If you want to see Melissa’s good fiction/stuff, go here:


A Wolf in Gentleman’s Clothing
[AKA: Holy Fuck, it’s Wolf-man, man]


It was a stormy night. The winds howled, they were insatiable hungry beasts and thunder roared with indignation. The occasional blinding forks of lightning splashed the landscape in bright, haunting light. The trees swayed, called to dance with abandon and their skeletal limbs grazed the windows of the house, scraping with frenzied cries of help along the glass. You could hear the SOS in their branches tapping on the glass.

The occupants of the house paid no mind to the tempest outside…

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