An interesting theme for an anthology, one that incited excitement into this girl who loves all things odd and unsettling. But in the end, proved to be kind of difficult to write. There were tons of ideas out there, inspired by science, metaphysics and fantasy. I researched, looking into all the ways I could think to play with the theme.

There is a keen interest in creating a cloaked device for military applications, since stealth is of the utmost concern. Nothing is quite as effective as having the element of surprise, and therefor having the upper hand, not to mention keeping those going into covert operations safe from discovery. It’s the holy grail of technology. In 2011, BAE Systems unveiled their “invisibility cloak”, Adaptiv. Adaptiv is made up of hexagonal computer-controlled heat-sink tiles. The technology also makes use of cameras set upon the target to pick up the temperatures of the object’s surroundings which then can be copied, applied to the tiles and the object then blends into their surroundings, becoming invisible on an infrared sensor. Also, the technology can mimic the heat signature of another target, for example, a tank could be detected as a civilian vehicle instead. And Adaptiv can also send out identification on the invisible spectrum, reducing the chance of friendly fire.

I also found some intriguing ideas in the metaphysical world when I came across astral travel and projection. There are lots of first hand accounts about personal astral travel, what the astral planes look like and the levels. I also found someone’s advice on the perfect way to create a physic shield in order to protect oneself from curious entities that might prove to be malicious. They suggested calling the elements and weave them into a bubble (unseen as it is psychically built), starting with the element a person is naturally attuned to first. It was really interesting reading and fertile grounds to which a build a story on. And I did write one, but that is literally another story and to go down that road would be digression, which I won’t do. And for those of you who know me, it’s really hard for me to rein in the ramble.

In the end, the story I wrote was simplistic. A boy meets girl, follows her home and haunts her while plying her with mementoes of his affection. Leander was one of those characters that spoke so clearly that I my fingers could barely keep up with his voice. He is at times playful and angry, almost childlike in his actions. It is all a game to Leander, a game he where he knows there will only be one winner.

So, I’d like to humbly announce to all of you that my story “Haunted” was accepted by the good folks at Chupa Cabra House for inclusion in their anthology We Walk Invisibile. It’s out now to buy and can be found here for any of you who are interested.

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  1. Congratulations, Melissa! Sometimes I think the simpler stories are the ones that most impact the reader. “Haunted” sounds awesome!

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