Holiday Memories


Tis the season to be jolly.

This time of year is one of my favorites. Ideally, because it is the time for good will and treating our fellow humans with kindness and respect. Despite what the news shows us of Black Friday madness, I like to think people are generally good and have taken momentary leave of their senses. And I’m talking about all those who end up in brawls over the last “Super Hot Deal Now 70% Off!”. And there I went, off on another tangent.

Ahem…back to the subject at hand.

For me, December holds a magic that is solely its own. In my neck of the woods, it is pristine snow (until the plows and the snowmobilers have gone through) and twinkling lights. It is the aroma of cookies baking, and the taste of peppermint hot chocolate. It is music, it’s love, it’s being together with family and friends, the chaotic cacophony of catching up. Nights of board games, or televisions specials (I’m sucker for Shrek the Halls and How The Grinch Stole Christmas) or holiday movies.

I have a treasure trove of memories. Each one sparking along to the next until I am caught in this shining web of remembrances.

Making rock candy and peanut brittle with my grandma. Going along on magical nighttime rides to tour the neighborhood’s display of lights. Receiving gingerbread houses and fruitcake (I actually like homemade fruitcake). Giving homemade cookies (a tradition my baking genius sister continues). Making ornaments, clothespin soldiers and pipe cleaner snowflakes. And decorating, a lot of decorating.

We always, with the sad exception of last year when we used a fake (and sorry looking) tree, get a real tree. One year it even came with a bat. And we decorate it with our collection of ornaments, little tokens of the past, each with their own memory attached. There are ones received as gifts, ones made when I or my siblings were children, and ones gotten with holiday candy. They are beautiful, some bright and cartoony, others elegant and old fashioned. As a whole, it gives our tree a colorful and slightly chaotic appearance which I will call eclectic.

Our trial at having a fake tree.

Always in my heart and mind, the season is one filled with light, love, family and good will.

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